Meeting No. 21 – Storytime with Pammy – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi interviews her mom, Pammy, about the strange things she’s witnessed in her life – angels, a “pure love” encounter with a stranger at church, a creepy premonition at the park, the murder of her aunt Betty Jo by a stalker, and UFOs in the suburbs.

Discussion starts: 34:13

Pammy around the time of her confirmation when she saw angels and encountered the stranger in church.

Pammy and her younger sister Sandy. Pammy’s mama Nita was an excellent baker and made elaborate cakes.

Betty Jo, Pammy’s Aunt who was murdered by a stalker.

Newspaper clipping from Betty Jo’s murder. RIP sweet Betty Jo.

Miscellaneous References

Article about Paint Louis

Katy Trail

Horror movie involving a sphere: Phantasm