Meeting No. 26 – Dojo Pizza – Meeting Minutes

Heidi tells Rissa the hyper-local and super creepy tale of Loren Copp, a pastor, who ran a pizza joint and martial arts dojo gone very, very wrong.


Credit: Doyle Murphy – Riverfront Times

Former Dojo Pizza owner Loren Copp is accused of sexually abusing girls in his care. - STEVE TRUESDELL

Photo Credit: Steve Truesdell


Riverfront Times – December 2, 2015

Riverfront Times – April 11, 2018

Fox 2 News Article – December 26, 2016


Meeting No. 5 – Missouri Alien – Meeting Minutes

Discussion Begins:

Rissa tells Heidi three stories about possible alien encounters from the Show-Me-State: a crash landing predating Roswell in Cape Girardeau, space penguins in Tuscumbia, and some unidentified lights over a very well known monument.