Meeting No. 15 – Halloween Special – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!!! Heidi and Rissa read true ghost stories from friends and listeners, interview a friend about their extremely unique ghost story, and we hear from a fellow paranormal podcaster across the pond about something strange that happened to him.


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Knock Once For Yes Podcast

Episode 24: where they read Rissa’s story

Brittany Kriger, who is a listener and story contributer for this episode, has a kick ass business. Check it out here! The Soul Food Project Below is the photo she referenced in her story. The person circled was (A) not on the tour with them, (B) not in other photographs taken by other people at the same time and (C) if you look closely you can make out the railing through her head. SpOoKy!

Caldicot Castle is where Teresa’s sister’s story takes place.


History of River Des Peres