Meeting Minutes

Meeting No. 49 – Victorian Death Customs – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa all about the kooky lives and customs around Victorian era death and funerals.

Discussion starts: (00:03:44)

Post-Life Photo

Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Memento Mori “remember that you have to die” – hair from deceased as jewelry

Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0


Photo: Morning Glory Antiques and Jewelry

“Snap Apple Night” 1833 painting by Daniel Maclise. Via

Wooly worm! Photo from:

If you’re interested in death, check out Cailtin Doughty’s books!

Leila’s Hair Museum

Meeting No. 48 – Halloween Special – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: It’s the Halloween Special Y’ALL! We talk about creepy tours we’ve been on lately and share listener ghost stories. It’s a creepy good time.

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Campbell House


Missouri Botanical Gardens



Conner’s House






Meeting No. 47 – Yuba 5 – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa recounts the mysterious tale of the Yuba 5, five men who went missing under myserious circumstances.

Audio Quality Warning: The audio quality on this one sucks really bad because Rissa recorded the whole thing on her laptop microphone.

Discussion starts: (00:05:14)

If you want to join us at our first Creepy Club meet up, we will be going on the 7:45pm tour of the Campbell House on Oct. 25th! For more info and to get tickets click here!


Yuba 5 Wikipedia

1969 Mercury Montego

Mental Floss Article

Washington Post Article

Reddit post

Meeting No. 46 – Chris Coleman

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa all about creepy Chris Coleman, former head of security for Joyce Meyer.

Discussion starts: (00:15:59)


Head of Security for Religious Figure Convicted of Murdering Wife, Two Sons


Joyce Meyer Responds to Critics, Shifts Income Source


The Shocking Net Worth of These 10 Richest Pastors Will Blow Your Mind


A Family Erased: The Chris Coleman Story


Chris Coleman seeking new trial in 2009 murder of wife, sons

Meeting No. 45 – Poveglia – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about one of the most haunted islands in the world.

Discussion starts: (00:05:46)

Location of Poveglia on Google Maps


Meeting No. 44 – Twelve Tribes Cult

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about the Twelve Tribes cult, a fundamentalist cult started in Tennessee by charismatic leader Eugene Spriggs.

Discussion starts: (00:02:18)

Trigger Warning: child abuse, cult

Inside an American white supremacist cult

Child Training Manual

A&E Cults & Extreme Beliefs: Twelve Tribes

I know more about the Twelve Tribes cult than anybody ever should. Ask me anything!

Wikipedia: Twelve Tribes Communities

Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery

Better Than a Turkish Prison: What I Learned From Life in a Religious Cult

The Twelve Tribes (official website)

Meeting No. 43 – We’re Back – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi and Rissa return briefly from hiatus to explain why they needed three months off and to make some announcements.

Creepy Club will return to a weekly schedule on October 1st!

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Rissa and Heidi are organizing a meetup at the Old Mines Area Historical Society’s Annual Fete de l’Automne! If you are interested in attending, e-mail us at and keep an eye on our social media accounts for more information!