Meeting Minutes

Meeting No. 39 – Landmark Forum – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about the cult-adjacent group known as Landmark Forum.

Discussion starts: (00:09:19)

The Dream Podcast (about Multi-level Marketing companies)


Meeting No. 38 – Near Death Experiences – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about Near Death Experiences

Discussion starts: (00:06:13)



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Meeting No. 37 – Times Beach – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Emily joins Rissa and Heidi. Heidi tells Rissa and Emily the tale of Times Beach and dioxin contamination.

Discussion starts: (00:16:02)

Bill Pierce/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Marilyn Leistner, former mayor of Times Beach (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

Documentary – The Missouri Ghost Town Poisoned By Toxic Waste

This Missouri town was so polluted the EPA just bought it and incinerated all the houses

Ill-Fated Times Beach

Remember Times Beach: The Dioxin Disaster, 30 Years Later

A Chemical Conundrum: How Dangerous Is Dioxin?

Atlas Obscura – Times Beach, Missouri

Wikipedia – Times Beach, Missouri

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Emily and Rissa’s Mardi Gras 5K costumes

Meeting No. 36 – Six Flags St. Louis – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa and Heidi are joined by a special guest co-host, Emily! Rissa tells Heidi and Emily about the ghosts of Six Flags St. Louis.

Discussion starts: (00:04:26)


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Funny Portrait of Steven Michael Black and Rissa done at Hershey Park

Here’s an arbor

Muddy footprints possibly left by the Little Girl of the Arbors

The Sky Ride

Momo the Monster ride

Ghost investigation of Six Flags with EVPs, Photos and Videos

Odd White Shape

Fire Orb/Spooklight




Meeting No. 35 – Michael Devlin – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about a horrific child abduction perpetrated by Michael Devlin.

Content warning: Child abuse and sexual abuse

Discussion starts: (00:10:11)


Current Creepy:

Go see Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage

Michael “Devo” Devlin

Ben Ownby (left) Shawn Hornbeck (right)

Einstein Bros In Kirkwood (7587576560).jpg
By Paul SablemanEinstein Bros In Kirkwood, CC BY 2.0, Link

Kirkwood, MO


Michael J. Devlin

One search, two boys found: The Missouri Miracle 12 years ago

Confession coaxed out by FBI agent helped lead to rescue of 2 kidnapped boys

Shawn Hornbeck Kidnapping: Why He Didn’t Run Away From His Captor

Michael Devlin stabbed in prison with ‘ice pick’

What drove Michael Devlin to kidnap two boys?

Kidnapper pleads guilty to dozens of charges

Shawn Hornbeck Foundation shutting down

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Meeting No. 34 – AATIP – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and how the United States government funded this program to investigate UFO encounters from service members.

Discussion starts: (00:25:12)

Listen to History Goes Bump Podcast!

Images of Man of War jellies washed up on a beach in the Virgin Islands from Rissa’s mom.

Listen to Last Podcast on the Left’s series on Skinwalker Ranch

Link to first video of a strange craft released by military

Link to second video


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Meeting No. 33 – Creepy Sleepers – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about all the weird and creepy stuff that happens when we sleep.

Discussion starts: (00:02:16)


Chewbacca tutu


Bonus: The Romantics – Talking in your Sleep

Creepy Corrections, Conclusions, and Clarifications:

  • The sleepwalking murder Rissa had heard about was from Episode 160: Cynthis & Barry of My Favorite Murder.