Meeting Minutes

Meeting No. 23 – Creepymas – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about the strange origins of some Christmas customs. If you do not want some of your favorite holiday traditions tainted, you might want to skip this one.

Discussion starts: 23:12

Mistletoe berries! Delightful!

Mistletoe in the wild:

Poke berries: Don’t eat these!

Depiction of Krampus

Modern day Krampus Parade pictures

Where Bethlehem is:

Draft horse:

Creepy Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications:

Meeting No. 21 – Storytime with Pammy – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi interviews her mom, Pammy, about the strange things she’s witnessed in her life – angels, a “pure love” encounter with a stranger at church, a creepy premonition at the park, the murder of her aunt Betty Jo by a stalker, and UFOs in the suburbs.

Discussion starts: 34:13

Pammy around the time of her confirmation when she saw angels and encountered the stranger in church.

Pammy and her younger sister Sandy. Pammy’s mama Nita was an excellent baker and made elaborate cakes.

Betty Jo, Pammy’s Aunt who was murdered by a stalker.

Newspaper clipping from Betty Jo’s murder. RIP sweet Betty Jo.

Miscellaneous References

Article about Paint Louis

Katy Trail

Horror movie involving a sphere: Phantasm

Meeting No. 20 – Zombie Road – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about the history and lore behind the Zombie Road legend of St. Louis.

Discussion begins: 23:19

Thank you to noir for the topic suggestion!

Congrats to @tomorrowlandtrekkers (from Instagram) for winning our skeleton naming contest! They will now be referred to as Dr. Skully!

Funny Alien T-shirt

Clyde the Orangutan

Rock Hollow Trail

Johnsons Shut-Ins

Paw Paw French

Cave Restaurant and Resort

Cave Vineyard

Children of the Grave – Documentary

Exploring the Equadome

Stories about the Equadome

Pictures of the Equadome

5 Fantastic Float Trips

Creepy Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications

Meeting No. 18 – Sea Monsters – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about sea monsters, real and imagined.

Discussion starts: 13:04

Top of show plugs:

Happy Little Holiday Market

Believe Women Apparel

Relevant links aqnd images:

Myths and Legends Podcast – Episode 7: Little Mermaid (The real story The Little Mermaid was based on)

UB-85 Atrocity

U-28 Creature

The Loch Ness Monster is thought of as a plesiosaur.


An article with photos to help people figure out if they have thalassophobia

The baths in the British Virgin Islands:

Elephant Rocks State Park in Missouri:


Wikipedia article about Cephalopods


Ologies Podcast

Chimaera a.k.a. Ghost Shark

Ghost Shark Movie Trailer

Deepsea Lizardfish

Colossal Squid

Largest specimen of Colossal Squid being caught

The specimen on display at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Goblin Shark

Video of Goblin Shark extending it’s jaws

Lions mane Jellyfish

Lions mane jellyfish hoax image

Portuguese Man o’ War Jellyfish


The symbiotic relationship between Gobies and Pistol Shrimp

Angler fish

Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid in defensive mode:

Video of Gameplay from Wii Game Endless Ocean

Sergeant Major Fish

Nurse Shark

Tarpon fish


As promised, a cute picture of Penny to cleanse your brain. Enjoy.

Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications:

  • Rissa said it was a Lore podcast about the Little Mermaid, it was actually the Myths and Legends podcast.
  • Gastroenterologists are the doctors that do colonoscopies.
  • A Proctologist is a doctor specializing in the colon, anus and rectum.
  • Is the Lions mane jellyfish endangered? It has not been evaluated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and is not in danger of extinction.
  • Rissa said the game on Wii was “Blue Ocean,” but it’s actually “Endless Ocean,” and it’s sequel, “Endless Ocean: Blue World.”

Meeting No. 17 – Len Adams & The Mermaid House

Heidi visits with pro ghost hunter and author Len Adams at the Mermaid House and lives to tell the tale to Rissa.

Mermaid House

Located in the quaint town of Lebanon, IL.

Are you pregnant? This chair knows…

The bed that makes and unmakes itself.

Who peeks out this window?

Much like the bed, these books like to unshelve themselves.

Aunt Mary’s bed

Back stairwell to the kitchen.

The table with invisible guests.

Contact Len:


St. Louis Post-Dispatch article w/Len

Ghost Hunter Vists Glen Carbon

Haunted America Conference

Alton Hauntings Tours

Other Mentions

Leisure Family

Cahokia Mounds