Meeting Minutes

Meeting No. 69 – Haitian Zombie Encounters – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about the origins of the Zombie myth and some first hand accounts.

Discussion starts: (00:06:10)

Felicia Felix-Mentor

Photo from Mysterious Universe

Clairvius Narcisse

Photo from Mysterious Universe


A Strange History of Real Zombie Encounters

Meeting No. 68 – Human Experiments with Adoption – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa and Heidi continue to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, and then Heidi tells us what happens when you separate triplets at birth.

Discussion starts: (00:43:08)

Photo by Jerry Engel/New York Post Archives /(c)NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty

Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran, the triplets of Three Identical Strangers. Photograph: Newsday

Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran, the triplets of Three Identical Strangers. Photograph: Newsday


Three Identical Strangers: Was the twin separation study ethical?


Three Identical Strangers – documentary trailer

The Unbelievable Way 3 Men Found Out They Were Triplets Separated As Babies | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Three Identical Strangers: the bizarre tale of triplets separated at birth

Identical Strangers

Separated-at-birth triplets met tragic end after shocking psych experiment

‘Three Identical Strangers’ Is A Tragic Masterpiece. As A Triplet, It Hurt To Watch

Meeting No. 67 – Big Muddy Monster – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi and Rissa talk about Covid-19 and the impact of it on their lives and community but then Rissa lightens the mood with a good ole’ sasquatch sighting.

Discussion starts: (00:37:41)

Image from Phantoms and Monsters

Tarsiers – The Big-Eyed, Ancient, Nocturnal Mammal | Animal Pictures and Facts

Ocular Albinism

Big Muddy Monster Brew Fest


Big Muddy Monster a local legend | Local News

Yeti‐Like ‘Monster’ Gives Staid Town in Illinois a Fright

Real Eyewitness Cryptid Encounter Reports

Meeting No. 66 – Mary Bell – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa all about the horrific case of Mary Bell, a child who murdered children.

Discussion starts: (00:13:48)

Mary Bell – Wikimedia Commons

Norma Bell

Mary Bell – Murderpedia

Martin Brown (victim 1) and Brian How (victim 2)


Mary Bell

Mary Bell: The Ten-Year-Old Murderer Who Terrorized Newcastle In 1968

10 Facts About The 11-Year-Old Serial Killer Mary Bell

Murderous Children: 11-Year-Old Serial Killer Mary Bell

Meet Mary Bell: The Youngest Serial Killer Who Slaughtered Children

Hounding of Mary Bell : Child killer forced into hiding after tabloids track her down

True Crime Tuesday: Mary Bell


  • Gitta Sereny: The Case of Mary Bell (1972)
  • Cries Unheard: the Story of Mary Bell (1998)

Meeting No. 65 – The Snedeker House – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: In the final episode of the Ed and Lorraine Warren series, Rissa talks about the disturbing events that took place at the Snedeker House.

Content warning: rape and necrophilia

Discussion starts: (00:15:25)



Controversial, Chilling, And Disturbingly Real – The True-Life Connecticut Haunting

The Real Story Behind ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’

A Haunting in Connecticut: What Really Happened?

Meeting No. 64 – Dr. Glennon Engleman – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about a local dentist who also happens to be a serial killer.

Discussion starts: (00:07:19)

Dr. Glennon Engleman aka “The Killer Driller”

1980 St. Louis Post-Dispatch File By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,


16 Chilling Facts About HItman “Glennon the Dentist Engleman”

Glennon Engleman

Killer Driller: St. Louis dentist used his sexual power to get women to aid him in his murder schemes, netting him huge fortune

Jan. 14, 1980: St. Louis car bombing is the work of the notorious ‘Southside Dentist’

Murderpedia – Glen Engleman

Remember these notable St. Louis-area serial killers?

Jan. 14, 1980: St. Louis car bombing is the work of the notorious ‘Southside Dentist’

Remember These Most Notable St. Louis Area Serial Killers

Meeting No. 63 – The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: We continue with our Ed and Lorraine Warren series with the Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson or “The Devil Made Me Do It” case.

Discussion starts: (00:17:12)

Image from hellystar

Image from


Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

In a Connecticut Murder Trial, Will (Demonic) Possession Prove Nine-Tenths of the Law?

Brookfield man sues over ‘demon’ book

Brothers sue world famous psychic Lorraine Warren for false accusations in Devil book