Meeting No. 9 – The Dyatlov Pass Incident – Meeting Minutes

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Discussion Begins:

Creepy Corrections Conclusions & Clarifications

  • Being an ethanol scientist
    • Ryan says, “I currently work for a yeast company, actually. So, I go to ethanol plants that use our yeast and help make sure that they’re making ethanol as efficiently as possible. That involves various tests, like throwing the beer under a microscope so I can see how the yeast look and count them and stuff.”
  • Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian) came from Vulgar Latin (nonstandard form of Latin spoken in the Mediterranean region during and after the classical period of the Roman Empire.
  • Wildlife collectors permit
    • Essentially has to be for scientific or educational purposes. You are probably going to need a sponsoring institution for approval.
  • Picture of potential yeti


Meeting No. 8 – South Side Rapist – Meeting Minutes

Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications

  • Couldn’t find anything about baseball riots except that boston rioted after 2004 world series when they swept the cardinals. Bummer!

Discussion Begins:

Source: St. Louis Magazine


Chasing Rabbitt

Extra New DNA Helping Solve Cold Cases

Southside Rapist Stabbed in Prison

Confessions of the Southside Rapist

Meeting No. 7 – Ghosts who helped solve their own murders – Meeting Minutes

Creepy Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications

  • Where does rum come from? Spoiler: not pirates.
  • Where does vodka come from?

Raccoon(?) Skull – Look at those purdy teeth!

Photo Credit: Heidi

  • Greenbriar, WV population now around 35,000
  • questioning of potential jurors
    • Voir dire which is Latin for “to speak the truth.”

Discussion Begins: 21:00

Ghosts who helped solve their own murders!

  • Zona Hester Shue
  • Red Barn Murder
  • Teresita Basa
  • Golan Heights Axe Murder

Meeting No. 6 – Chain of Rocks Murders – Meeting Minutes

Heidi and Rissa discuss two stories Heidi has a personal connection to — one being the Chain of Rocks Bridge murders.

Content warning: Rape, violence and murder

Discussion Begins: 16:50

Levity Break for Heidi: 47:33 to 1:10

On April 4, 1991 four men raped, murdered, and threw sister Julie and Robin Kerry off the Chain of Rocks bridge. They also robbed their cousin Thomas Cummins and forced him to jump from the bridge.

Julie and Robin Kerry

Source: Fox 2 News Story

Thomas Cummins

Source: St. Louis American

The Chain of Rocks bridge


Reginald Clemons in 2014

Credit: MO Dept. of Corrections

  • Currently in prison for pleading guilty to two counts of second-degree murder,

two counts of rape and one count of first-degree robbery.

Marlin Gray

Credit: MO Dept. of Corrections

  • Gray was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder.
  • On October 26, 2005 he was executed.

Daniel Winfrey

  • Winfrey pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and forcible rape
  • He received a 30 year sentence.
  • He was 15 at the time of the crimes.
  • He testified against the other three in their trials.

Antonio Richardson

  • Pleaded guilty to murder and serving a life sentence.

Writing by Jeanine Cummings

  • Article by Kerry sister’s cousin, Jeanine Cummins.

Murder isn’t Black or White

  • Book by Jeanine Cummins

A Rip in Heaven: A Memoir of Murder and Its Aftermath.

Source Articles

Levity Break References


Meeting No. 5 – Missouri Alien – Meeting Minutes

Discussion Begins:

Rissa tells Heidi three stories about possible alien encounters from the Show-Me-State: a crash landing predating Roswell in Cape Girardeau, space penguins in Tuscumbia, and some unidentified lights over a very well known monument.



Meeting No. 4 – Aokigahara Forest – Meeting Minutes

Content warning: Suicide

Suicide prevention lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Heidi tells Rissa the myths and legends behind Japan’s “Suicide Forest.”

Discussion Begins: 26:50

Photo Credit



Johnny Brayson

Meeting No. 3 – The Exorcist – Meeting Minutes

Rissa talks about the true story the movie, “The Exorcist” was based on as well as strange coincidences that occured on the film set. Rissa and Heidi also reveal their favorite Muppets.

Discussion Begins: 22:30



Corrections, Conclusions and Clarifications: