Meeting No. 60 – Knights of Templar Cartel – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about the Knights of Templar Cartel

Discussion starts: (00:07:10)

Correction from Chris Watt’s Episode 58:

Knights of Templar – The OG’s

The Knights Templar Cartel


Social Media

Organ Trafficking

Iron Ore, Limes, and Avocados

Meeting No. 59 – Perron Family Haunting – Meeting Minutes s

Discussion: Rissa continues the Ed and Lorraine Warren mini-series with the tale of the haunting of the Perron family.

Discussion starts: (00:05:22)

Photo from: All Thats Interesting

Photo from: All Thats Interesting

Photo from: All Thats Interesting


16 Reasons Why The True Story Behind The Conjuring Is Even Creepier Than The Movie

True Story Of The Conjuring: The Perron Family & Enfield Haunting

Meeting No. 58 – Chris Watts – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells Rissa about the horrific case of Chris Watts.

“It’s horrific”: Christopher Watts’ girlfriend speaks out for the first time as sentencing in Frederick murders draws near

How It All Happened: The Timeline Of The Chris Watts Investigation

Killer dad Chris Watts: I feel like I killed my daughters ‘twice’

Dad accused of killing wife, kids pleads guilty to gruesome murders

Murder Case: The Most Disturbing Revelations from the Prosecution’s Discovery Files

Meeting No. 53 – Annabelle – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: The second installment of the Warren mini-series contains the real life story of Annabelle, the haunted Raggedy Ann doll, who inspired a movie by the same name.

Discussion starts: (00:01:34)

Annabelle in her specially built case in the Warrens’ museum. (photo from

Annabelle doll from the movie (Picture from:



Meeting No. 52 – The Women of Juarez – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi takes the lead and tells Rissa all about the history of the killings of the women of Juarez, the past and current crisis.

Discussion starts: (00:01:46)


Mexico: Intolerable Killings: 10 Years of Abductions and Murder of Women in Cuidad Juarez and Chihuahua

Amnesty International Report

Ciudad Juarez:The Serial Killer’s Playground

Six Women Murdered Each Day as Femicide in Mexico Nears a Pandemic

City of Silence: The Dark Mystery of Ciudad Juaréz in Mexico Where 1500 Women and Girls have Been Brutally Murdered and Dumped in the Desert Since 1993

Abdul Latif Sharif

Meeting No. 51 – Ed and Lorraine Warren – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa tells Heidi about the famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have investigated many high-profile cases as well as inspired many well-known horror movies.

Discussion starts: (00:03:27)

Ed and Lorrain Warren (picture from

Ed and Lorrain Warren (picture from

Click here to watch the trailer for the Warren’s Occult Museum documentary!



Meeting No. 50 – Recommendations Mini Episode – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: A mini episode where Rissa recommends podcasts to fill the void while we get back on schedule.

Creepy filled recommendations:

History Goes Bump

Knock Once For Yes

Death By Champagne

Weird on the Rocks

Fat Feminist Witch

Small Town Dicks

All Killa No Filla

Someone Knows Something

Thin Air

Up and Vanished

In the Dark


The Dream


Uncreepy Recs:

Senpai’s Craft Beer Cast

Slop City





Ladies, We Need to Talk

Anxiety Coaches

The Science of Happiness