Meeting No. 90 – The Terrors of the Tanglewood Center – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi talks about Loren Lockman and the Tanglewood Center and the horrific things that have happened there.

Discussion starts: (00:17:29)

Sources and other info:

Why Loren Lockman and Timothy Trader are the Worst

Unlicensed Practitioners Cited after Death of Diabetic Patient

Clayton College of Natural Health: Be Wary of the School and Its Graduates

Iridology is Nonsense

loren lockman tanglewood HAZARDOUS.

Loren Lockman | 858235

Loren E Lockman v The Maryland State Board of Physicians

Timothy Scott Trade v The Maryland Board of Physicians

The Tanglewood (Terror) Wellness Center and What Loren Says About Himself

Tanglewood – Pricing & Booking

Tanglewood Center – Fasting via Skype

Meet Loren

Personal Stories

Jonathan’s Story

Jeff – 5 1/2 days

Dry fasting kills Coronavirus – IT DOES NOT KILL ANY VIRUS

Diet Myth or Truth: Fasting is Effective for Weight Loss – Spoiler: It’s not effective long-term.

Refeeding Syndrome | Gastrointestinal Society

Loren Lockman – Owner of the Tanglewood Center and criminal who has fled two countries so far.

Photo Credit: Tanglewood Wellness Center

Chinese Zodiac

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