Meeting No. 88 – Creepy Finds and Forensics – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi tells us stories about stuff found in peoples’ houses. Some are heartwarming, some are creepy, some are crimey, and some are just downright disturbing. We also dip into interesting ways that forensics have solved crimes.

Discussion starts: (00:11:15)

Reddit | Persephone_Bash

Treasures in the Attic

Reddit / lmbrjack

Enormous Voodoo Doll Joshua’s Room

The Murder Castle


The Strangest Things Found in Homes After New Homeowners Moved In

21 Weird Things That People Have Found In Their Houses

The creepiest secret rooms ever discovered (18 Photos)

People Share The Weird Things Found In The Walls When They Renovated Their Homes

9 Crazy Things People Found Inside Their Walls

Non-fiction forensics: weird ways in which real-world crimes have been solved

3 Puzzling Cold Cases Solved With Forensic Science » Forensic Science Degree

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