Meeting No. 85 – Alton, Illinois – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Rissa talks about Alton, Illinois, the most haunted small town in America.

Discussion starts: (00:04:53)

Hotel Rissa’s great great great great grandfather built in Alton

Mansion House, 506 State St.

Photo from

A more modern picture of the Mansion House

Photo from

What the Mansion House looks like today

Photo from Google Street View

John Wesley Harned and his wife Mary Matilda

Photo from

Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument at the Alton Cemetary

Photo from Rivers and Routes

List of names on Lovejoy Monument with William Harned among them

Lovejoy gravesite

Mineral Springs Hotel 1938

Photo from

First Unitarian Church

Photo from

Robert Wadlow

Photo form Wikipedia

Piasa Bird

Photo from

The McPike Mansion

Photo from

Orb outside of McPike Mansion


Alton, Illinois

Elijah Parish Lovejoy

John Wesley Harned

Haunted Locations – Haunted Sites – Alton City Cemetery

The Ghosthunter Girls – Alton City Cemetery


The Most Haunted Town in America

The Ghosts of Alton, Part 1: Mineral Springs Mall

About Us | First Unitarian Church • Alton, Illinois

First Unitarian Church Investigation

First Unitarian Church of Alton

Robert Wadlow

Piasa bird | mythical creature

McPike Mansion – Business Insider

The History of Illinois’ Haunted McPike Mansion

McPike Mansion Home Page

Alton: A haunted overview

McPike Mansion

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