Meeting No. 82 – Weirdos Get Crimey – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi reads us some bizarre news articles which feature bananas to the face, a goat left mostly unattended at an odd location, a criminal with a really great alias and lots of other really weird creepy crimey stuff.

Discussion starts: (00:16:23)

Jeffrey Forrest Poole


Goat/Kidnapper – Brandon Wade Kirby

Creek County Sheriff’s Department via AP

Grocery Store Stowaway

Photo: Auburn Police Department

Plushie Humper – Cody Christopher Meader

Cody Christopher Meader Pd

Photo: Pinellas County Sherrif’s Office


5 true crime stories way more interesting than another Ted Bundy movie

Cops: ‘OK 2020, It Only Took You 4.5 Hours to Get Weird’

Cody Christopher Meader Allegedly Had Sex With ‘Frozen’ Olaf At Target | Crime News

Customer Goes Bananas

Florida Man Has World’s Greatest Criminal Alias Ever (Trust Us!)

Police In Auburn, Wash., Believe Ceiling-Dwelling Man Responsible For Thefts | Crime News

Man Seriously Overreacts When 75-Cent Credit Card Charge Is Declined

These 10 Remarkable and Bizarre Crimes From History Make Modern Day Criminals Look Tame

Weird Crimes: Naked and Forgetful Burglars and a Careless Lookout

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