Meeting No. 81 – Ghost Animals – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: In this light-hearted episode Rissa tells a plethora of stories involving animals from the spectral realm.

Discussion starts: (00:13:37)

Demon Cat paw prints in the floor of U.S. Capitol Building

Image from The Epic Weird Squirrel Adventure: Senatorial Subway


Ghost Dog Visits Family As A Spirit | The Dodo

Ghost pet stories bring comfort and chills

Bereaved woman captures ‘ghost’ of dead dog while filming new pet in spooky footage – Mirror Online

Ghost pets are a thing? : Ghosts

11 Pets Who Returned As Ghosts To Help Or Haunt Their Owners

The ghost of a family monkey is now haunting the halls of Athelhampton bringing in tourism

Spookiest Connecticut Legend of All Time: The Black Dog of West Peak

Sniff & Barkens – Cerva: Ghost Dog of Lemp Mansion

Demon Cat

Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend Is So Persistent

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