Meeting No. 79 – Quarantined with Ghosts – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Ghostly activity is on the rise as people are spending more time at home. Rissa tells stories of people who are being haunted while on pandemic lockdown.

Discussion starts: (00:06:31)



Quarantined in a Ghost Town

Cerro Gordo ( • Instagram photos and videos

Cerro Gordo YouTube

Brent Underwood, trapped in a town with only ghosts for company

How to Quarantine in a Ghost Town

Haunted House? These People Are in Isolation With Ghosts.

Mental illness or mob hit? Questions arise as man moves into home where family was slaughtered

Quarantined with Tampa Bay’s ghosts? Some wonder if they are stuck in haunted houses.

Zak Bagans quarantined in Haunted Museum for ‘Ghost Adventures’

Resources for Allies

Justice in June – get educated

Anti-Racism Resources

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Ally Resources


  • 1619
  • Code Switch
  • Pod Save The People
  • The Nod
  • The Stoop
  • Identity Politics
  • Ear Hustle
  • Fanti
  • Minority Korner


Donate to anti-white supremacy work such as your local Black Lives Matter Chapter, the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, United Negro College Fund, Black Youth Project 100, Color of Change, The Sentencing Project, Families against Mandatory Minimums, A New Way of Life, Equal Justice Initiative, and Dream Defenders. Join some of these list-serves and take action as their emails suggest.

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