Meeting No. 76 – Cajun and Creole Folklore – Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Heidi surprises us all and talks about some cryptids from Cajun and Creole folklore.

Discussion starts: (00:08:29)


The Rougarou is Gonna Get You: Cajun Folklore | Where Y’at

What Was That? Myths and Legends of Louisiana’s Bayou Country

Medical explanation for Cajun Folklore known as ‘Kooshma’

Cajun Justice: Rougarou | A&E

The Rougarou: Louisiana Swamp Monster

The Legend of the Rougarou

Woman sees Rougarou in Mississippi

Rougarou remains strong figure in Cajun folklore

7 Famous Louisiana Folktales, Legends, And Superstitions

Contemporary Cauchemar: Experience, Belief, Prevention

Louisiana goes bump in the night – News

Louisiana Folklife: Links

Cajun Superstitions and Spells : Myths, Legends & Folktales, Southern USA Culture, History & Travel

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